University Projects

Projects developed during the three-year in Information Engineering and during the master's degree in Computer Science and Automation Engineering at the University of Ferrara.

Operative Research Project - Car Pooling

The design of a car-pooling system on android platform and python webserver.

Language: html, java, android, python, google maps API

Year: 2015

**Computer Graphics Project - World Game**
Through the use of Three.js library, it is implemented the movement of a car within a virtual space made with textures and blend models. > Language: html, css, javascript, THREE.js
> Year: 2014
**Web System Project - Atlas**
Designing a site for a cinema. > Language: html, css, java, servlet java
> Year: 2013

Tommaso Berlose

Software Engineer, Mobile and Front-end Developer, Traveler.

Ferrara, Italy